Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An Update on Lucy and more!


It is SO hard to believe it has been almost ONE YEAR since this blog began.  In just 16 days I will have a 1 year old.  It just does not seem possible! 

I have had a few people ask me how things are going with Lucy.  My intention was to keep this blog updated, but our busy life has kept me from doing that.  So, here is a little update on Lucy.

The thing with premature birth and NICU babies is that you never know what their progress will be like afterward.  Usually babies are delayed quite a bit, especially micro-preemies like Lucy.  Mason was 10 weeks early and seemed to lag behind around 10 weeks or more in a lot of areas for a while (crawling, walking, etc).  I expected Lucy to be way behind because of her tiny size and gestation (29 weeks).  We decided to get ECI (early childhood intervention) to follow her and make sure she was doing okay.

Well....I am happy to report that we are about to be fired by ECI.  Meaning, Lucy is developing just fine.  In fact, she is more on target with a baby her actual age than her adjusted age (11 weeks younger).
-She is crawling like a champ
-She pulls up and cruises on furniture
-She stands in the middle of a room
-She will take 2-4 steps sometimes (might be walking by her birthday?)
-She will eat ANYTHING you put in front of her, but is just now getting teeth
-She says "mama", "buh-ba" (brother), "ay" (yay), "hi", "ba-ba" (many meanings- bottle, baby), "bi-pa" (diaper), "ma" (more), pap (Pappy),
-She LOVES to Pat-A-Cake and I catch her doing it by herself all the time.  The "roll um up" part is so cute with her little hands.
-Her favorite toys are her "babies"(Little people characters), Minnie mouse walker, rubber elephant, and anything with a tag.
-Her favorite games are to "get brother", being chased while crawling, having her ribs tickled and pat-a-cake.
-She is obsessed with the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She has no use for TV unless she hears that show come on.  She stops anything she is doing to watch Mickey.

She is just so much fun and such a sweet baby.  She rarely gets upset unless she is hungry or tired.  We have seen a couple of specialists to make sure she is on track and she passed all of their testing easily.

There really is not a lot to report besides that.  We have kept her inside mostly, so far, because of RSV season.  She received shots monthly, but was still at risk.  Luckily, that is coming to an end and I can start taking her with me in public.  Very excited about that!  :)

Again I want to thank everyone for their prayers this past year.  The first few months of Lucy's life were very tough and we could not have made it as easily without the support and prayers of our friends and family. THANK YOU!

 (the reason we raise money and walk!!!)

 In May, we will be participating in the annual Preeclampsia Promise Walk.  We have walked it every year that it has been in DFW since Mason was born.  It is VERY important to us since Preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome caused both of our babies to be born early.  We really want to raise awareness and ultimately find a cure to keep this from happening to others.  Our goal is to raise $2500 this year.  The last few years we have been one of the top fundraising teams and one of the biggest participating teams.  We would LOVE to invite everyone to participate with us this year.  You can join our team or donate to Mason and Lucy's team here:
Ways you might want to donate:
$10- Mason was 10 weeks early
$11- Lucy was 11 weeks early
$21- Combined weeks early
$23- Lucy weighed 2lb 3oz
$32- Mason weighed 3lb, 2oz
$69- Number of days Mason was in NICU
$83- Number of days Lucy was in NICU
$152- Combined days they were in NICU
Also this year we will be selling team shirts for anyone that would like one.  I do not have a price just yet, but if interested I am getting a list together so I can send info once I have the final design. The purple color will match on the final shirts and the verse more prominent.  They will be a white baseball tee with purple sleeves.   It will look something like this... 
                  FRONT                                               BACK

Here are some monthly pictures from birth until 11 months...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I am way behind on updates!  Lots of people have stopped me to ask about Lucy and say "I sure miss your blog updates."  So sorry.  After Lucy came home, I kind of put the blogging on the back burner.  Someone requires a little more attention from me at home than she did in NICU!  ;) 

Lucy is doing great!  However, she is still a light eater and I am worried about her weight gain.  I am trying to not worry so much, but she should be eating about 5-8 ounces more a day than she is right now.  I know she is gaining weight, but not sure it's enough to please the doctor.  We will find out in a couple of weeks.  On the plus side, she is SO happy and meeting milestones...some way ahead of what she is expected to do.  So maybe I shouldn't worry so much!  ;)  I think that is what NICU mom's do though...or any mom for that matter.

As far as milestones go, she is being monitored by ECI (early childhood intervention).  They came out and assessed her in 5 different areas.  In order to receive services from them she has to be behind in 1 or more of the areas.  Because she was 11 weeks early, she is looked at based on a baby that is 11 weeks younger than her.  Well in a couple of the areas (communication being one) she was ahead.  A couple of areas right on target...and one area a little behind.  So, she qualified.  Basically, she could not lay on her tummy and hold her head up.  Well at the second visit she still could not do it...at least that is what I told her therapist.  She put her on her tummy and the stinker held that head up high and she passed her test!  Then I asked about rolling over and she said probably another month or two...well 3 days later and sister rolls over with ease!  :)  She babbles and smiles and laughs.  Just a happy happy girl!

One thing that we are concerned about is RSV season.  Generally premature babies get RSV shots to protect them from the virus.  It doesn't prevent them from getting it, but definitely reduces the chance for hospital stays.  Well we were told she'd qualify no problem.  Guess what, insurance now has different guidelines and she missed the qualifications by 6 days.  If she would have been 28 weeks there would be no question.  Also if she was under 6 months on October 15 she'd get it no questions.  She will be 6 months 12 days.  Soooooo...we have to wait on insurance and beg for an exception.  Please pray they will pay.  The shots are SO expensive that paying out of pocket really is not an option.  The doctor said if she doesn't qualify we should pull Mason out of Pre-K.  That isn't an option for us either...that is not fair to him!!  :(

Anyway, other than that, Lucy is just a super cute, content baby.  Can't believe she will be 6 months old soon! 

Prayer Requests:
- That Lucy is eating enough and gaining weight along her curve
- That insurance will approve her RSV shots.  I think RSV season is a preemie moms worst nightmare!  :(

Here are some photos!

Most recent taken last night on our walk
 This is shortly after we came home, so it is a couple of months old.  All dressed up with nowhere to go!  ha
 Brother went camping  with Gramdma and Grandpa and we stopped by for a visit.
 Four months old and looking at a toy
 These two...always looking and smiling.
 Mason reading Brown Bear to Lucy
 First time to notice all the toys hanging from her mat...big eyes!
 5 months old
 Mason's first day of pre-school

 Picture of the kiddos at Nanny-Rene's house.  It will probably be torn down soon so I needed one last photo with the kids
 Family photo at our dirt piles...they started on our house this week and we come check on it everyday.
 Super Lucy
 What a bond they have!

 Mason playing in our dirt again...almost ready for the foundation to be poured!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We are home...picture post

I will update about our journey home soon.  Long story short, Lucy didn't want to eat by the normal protocol of the NICU every 3 hours.  Once she was allowed to do it her way, she did well, and now we are HOME!  :)
Thank you for your prayers...God is good!!  We ask for continued prayers that she would eat and gain weight and for good reports at all of our follow-up appointments over the next several months!  :)

This post is just a picture overload post.  So, if you don't want to see a ton of pictures i would advise leaving now!  HA.
Just found out we are going home the next day.  One happy momma!
 Some of our favorite nurses in the following pics.  Wish we would have seen more of them for pictures before we left.  So bittersweet.  We were there so long with Mason and Lucy they become like family.  will not miss NICU life, but will miss the sweet nurses!!

 Lucy's doctor (Mason's too).  
 Nurse Nancy, the reason we are home!  She advocated for us and got us out the door.  She was one of our favorite nurses with Mason too.  All I can say is a HUGE thank you to her.  We owe her.
 About to head out the door.  Lucy was tired and yawning!  
 In her carseat ready to go home.
 She looked out the window the entire trip home.  Taking in the big world!
 Home.  Her eyes were HUGE looking around at everything.
 With the painting big brother did for her.
 First time seeing his sister up close.
 First family of four photo

 One happy big brother

 Lil' Sis all ready to go to the doctor
 Not really wanting to be in her carseat...she got over it quickly.
 Waiting on Dr Day
 In their Big Bro, Little Sis shirts
 Some pictures in NICU from several days ago